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Mezensky District

General information

9 049 people
Total area
34400 hectares
Date of formation
1929 year


Road Transport

The road network of the district is not evenly developed. The administrative centre of the district (Mezen) is linked to the regional administrative centre (Arkhangelsk) by a 386 km unpaved road.

Air Transport

In Mezen, there is an airport with a hard surfaced runway capable of accepting the aircrafts Antonov An-2, Antonov An-24, Let L-410.

Water Transport

In the settlement of Kamenka, Mezensky District, there is a seaport.


Mineral Reserve Base

Found minerals fall under the non-metallic category: limestones, dolomites, gypsums, anhydrites, sands, clays, sand and gravel mixes.
Diamond deposits. The diamondiferous V. Grib kimberlite pipe (Verkhotina diamond field) is located 180 km southwest of Mezen.

Land and Forest Resources


Vacant industrial purpose plots, hectares


Vacant agricultural purpose plots, hectares


Forests occupy, of the total area of the district

Water Resources

In Mezensky District, there are the highest tides in the White Sea and among the highest in Europe. At the mouth of the river Mezen, the water reaches up to 10 m, at the Mezen seaport (40 km from the sea) – up to 6 m.
On the river Mezen, high tides are felt at distances up to 80 km from the river mouth.
The Mezen seaport can accommodate seagoing vessels only during high tide.
In all, in the territory of the district, there are some 280 lakes with a total area of 150 thousand hectares.

Economic Indicators


Fixed asset investments, thousand roubles


Number of small and medium-sized businesses


Average nominal monthly wage of employees of large and medium enterprises and non-profit organisations, roubles

Mainstays of the economy

Mineral extraction
Fishing industry and aquaculture


Investment passport of the municipal entity
Single Window System for investors
Investment projects and proposals
Investment sites and their passports
Available infrastructure
Council for the improvement of investment climate
Laws and regulations in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurship activity


Head, Department of Economics, Agricultural Industry and Trade, Municipality Administration
164750, Russia, Arkhangelsk Region, Mezen, Sovietsky Avenue, 51
Reception phone